How to Choose a Cleaning Service for Your Business

Some Questions to Ask… The Dust Collectors
Does the service contractor provide you with a written estimate that clearly defines the scope of work with the cost? Yes
The Dust Collectors puts all proposals in writing and we work with our clients to create a custom cleaning solution for their unique business. This includes the scope of work and cost for each service. 
Does the contractor offer a written guarantee for quality? Yes
If at any time you are not satisfied with the quality of the cleaning service, we will correct the problem within 24 hours of being notified or that service is FREE.
Can the contractor provide PROOF of insurance for worker's compensation and general liability? Yes
The Dust Collectors is registered in the state of New Jersey, complies with all employment and tax laws, and will gladly provide proof of insurance.
Does the contractor have an adequate staff of reliable employees in case the regular cleaner is sick or unavailable? Yes
We have a professional, reliable staff that more than adequately serves our customer's needs. Our commitment to hiring, training, and developing quality people has led us to having a much higher retention level than others in our industry.
Does the contractor use employees (versus sub-contractors) to clean your facility? Yes
All team members who perform cleaning services are employees of The Dust Collectors, not sub-contractors. In addition, our 5-step hiring system helps us bring on and develop people that fit our company culture and core values – professionalism, reliability and integrity.
Does your provider have a quality assurance program that includes on-site spot checks by managers? Yes
Our quality assurance program includes on-site spot checks by managers, phone surveys and periodic quality assurance calls.
Does the contractor use a customized checklist at each visit to ensure each job is cleaned consistently? Yes
All clients have a custom checklist unique to their business – and employees follow this checklist on each visit, so little details are not overlooked.
Has the contractor been in business for more than three years? Yes
We have been serving business customers in southern New Jersey for over 10 years

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