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3 Important Facts About Keeping Your Sewell, NJ Office Clean:

Aesthetics – Customers/patients and employees have no desire to come in to an environment that looks unappealing. Most people judge a book by its cover. If customers or patients visit an unclean office, they are likely to believe they will not be taken care of. Having a clean environment also gives people the sense of organization and may put them at ease. First impressions are so important in the business world.

Health -An environment full of dirt, dust and bacteria is one that could significantly impact the health of those within the area. For instance, those with asthma can be affected with a great amount of dust within the work-space. It is best to be on the safe side and keep a clean environment to ensure that employees and customers are breathing clean air and touching sanitized surfaces.

Pride of Ownership -Regardless of whether the office facility is being leased or owned, business-people who take a pride of ownership tend to be more successful. They are organized, care about their employees and clients and are cognizant of their appearance; all of which equate to someone who cares about success.

“We have had The Dust Collectors for a few years now and are very satisfied with their services. We are a large group practice with a heavy load of patients on a daily basis. The Dust Collectors keeps our office clean and sanitary! Maryanne is in constant contact with her clients to make sure all is well and to address any issues before they become problems.” - Testimonial from Sewell customer Donna E.

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Our Mission

Our Mission at The Dust Collectors is to create a clean, healthy and safe environment for your customers and employees, by providing custom cleaning solutions that work for your business.