Voorhees Office Cleaning

The Dust Collectors commercial cleaning company is committed to delivering quality service to your Voorhees, NJ office. No matter what type of business you run, the cleanliness of your office is judged from the moment a client, customer or patient walks in.

Professional office cleaning companies are not all as detail-oriented as The Dust Collectors. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond to impress - from cleaning floors by hand to making sure ceilings vents look like new. Our entire team is committed to making sure our customers’ needs are met.

Your company works hard to maintain its professional image. We work behind the scenes providing commercial cleaning services to keep that image impeccable. We partner with each customer to determine their specific needs in order to develop a customized cleaning schedule. You’ll see an immediate improvement upon our first visit and will continue to enjoy doing business in a clean and sanitary environment – We Guarantee It.

We have successfully built a very reputable company by being professional and delivering world-class service. We offer competitive rates while maintaining the highest levels of quality. Keeping your Voorhees office looking its best takes hard work, dedication and commitment and those are the characteristics that we require of our staff.

 “I would recommend The Dust Collectors to anyone looking for a thorough cleaning. Maryanne is amazing and the customer service is wonderful. They follow up with their customers on a regular basis and do an incredible job keeping our offices fresh and clean. They listen attentively and encourage customer feedback. I have nothing but praise for this company.”                                                                       - Testimonial from customer Christine C.

The Dust Collectors would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and allow you to take advantage of the best service in the industry. Please call us at 856-352-6237 or contact us through our website to schedule a free estimate.

Office Cleaning

Our Mission

Our Mission at The Dust Collectors is to create a clean, healthy and safe environment for your customers and employees, by providing custom cleaning solutions that work for your business.

Custom Cleaning

A detailed customized cleaning checklist is developed for every customer we serve.